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Header image by Hannah Olinger on unsplash

Aligned Action Planner

Create The Life You Want

Do The Things That Matter To You

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1. Get Your Planner

Printable PDFs to setup your unique planner


Print and re-fill at home

Create realistic plans

Capture all your ideas

2. Get your Cover


Plant-Based travel journals in A5 format


Handcrafted in Austria

Vegan and eco-friendly

10 different designs


Image by Nick Morrison

Learn How To Create The Life You Want

  • Discover all our modules

  • Learn about effective workflows

  • Get the most out of your planner

Start your journey towards a more productive and balanced life. Become more sophisticated at your own pace.

Our Aligned Action Planner combines well-known self-management, productivity, and journaling methods in a customizable paper planner.


A Safe Space For All Your Thoughts And Ideas

Clear your mind, reflect and slow down by using pen & paper without the distractions of the digital age.

From small tasks, personal reflection, to your grand life vision, everything has its place and nothing gets lost.

Fully Customizable For
Unlimited Creativity

Our printable modules are designed to give you the clarity and structure you need, without limiting your creativity.


Set up your new planner according to your needs and workflows – from a light travel version to an extended self-management system, anything is possible.


A Purpose-Driven Productivity Workflow

We designed the planner to promote personal development through reflection, visionary thinking, and mindful productivity.


It helps you in investing your most valuable resources – time and energy, according to your life vision.

Easy To Set Up. Infinitely Customizable.

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