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Start Your Journey

A guide for your first steps towards your highest vision.

To get started with Highest Vision you need a print file (PDF) for the current Monthly module and any printer. You can get access to the Monthly print files by subscribing to any of our Memberships, or you can fill in your E-Mail below and receive the current month for free:

Get Your First Month For Free!

No payment information required

Click here to download the print files (PDF)

Print The Monthly Module

As soon as you have access to the Monthly module print files, you can follow our How to Print instructions to print your first Highest Vision module 🎉

Setup Your Planner (optional)

If you have a A5 "travel journal" cover with elastic bands to insert modules you can follow our instructions on how to setup your planner. Don't worry if you don't have a cover yet, you can also testdrive the Monthly module without a fancy vegan leather cover and order it later.

Introducing The Monthly Module

Reflect the last month, plan your weeks, keep track of your habits & goals


Monthly Reflection

Pause and reflect on the last month in different life aspects. How did the last month contributed to your life vision? What would you like to change and what are you graetful for?

Habit Tracker & Routine Planner

Commit for healthy routines and track your habits and their influence on different aspects of your life.

"In Progress" & "Completed" Board

Keep track of all your projects, work packages and Todos on your "In Progrees" board. Transfer all the completed tasks to the "Completed" board and celebrate each step on your path.

A dated calendar with weekly schedules that lasts for the whole month. Here, you can schedule your appointments, deadlines, holidays etc. and plan each week and day according to your needs and life goals.​​

Monthly: Reflexion | Wheel of Life

Learn how to use the wheel of life to reflect in 12 life aspects

Monthly: Reflexion Part 2

Learn how you can deepen your reflexion of the last month.

Monthly: My Routines

Learn how you use the Monthly module to establish healthy routines.

Monthly: Habit Tracker

Learn how you can keep track of activities and behaviors.

Monthly: In Progress Board

Learn how you get an overview of your in-progress work packages & todos

Monthly: Weekly Schedules

Learn how you plan your weeks and schedule goals and todos.

Monthly: Completing Work Packages

Learn how you can move work packages through the system.

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