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How to Print The Modules

A step-by-step guide to print the Highest Vision modules with any printer or at the copy shop.

Stacks Of Paper

1. The Optimal Paper

We recommend 90 g/m² coated printing paper. It costs a little more, but you can enjoy the best experience without a see-through-effect when writing in your planner. Also the haptic feeling will be of higher quality than with standard 80 g/m² printing paper.

Printing ALL the modules will take you a while, especially if you are not yet used to. Make sure to allow minimum one hour and have enough ink and paper (ca 20 pages for the "Start Your Journey" version) available.

2. Setup Adobe Acrobat Reader (free)

  1. Download & install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application, to get access to the advanced print dialog discussed here.

  2. Right-click the PDF you want to print and choose "open with > Adobe Acrobat" from the context menu

  3. Within Adobe Acrobat choose "File > print"

3. Printing With Duplex Printers

For printers that can print on both sides of paper

If you have access to a printer that can print on both sides (duplex) automatically then you will have an option similar to this in your print dialog:

acrobat-print-settings-both-sides (highlights).png

Note: If your printer is not able to print on both sides then you will not see the checkbox with "Print on both sides of paper" -> read simple printer instruction

3. Printing With Simple Printers

If your printer cannot print on both sides of paper

If your printer is not able to print on both sides of paper you will need to do a bit more manual work:

1. Open the dropdown "More options" and select "reverse pages" and "odd pages only":

acrobat-print-settings-odd-pages-only (highlights).png

2. Print the odd pages + put them back into the printer paper-feeder (where it fetches the next paper for printing) in the exact same alignment as it was output by the printer.

3. Back in Adobe Acrobat (with the same PDF file as in step 2) you have to change the print settings to "[UNCHECK] reverse pages" + select "only EVEN pages".

acrobat-print-settings-even-pages-only (highlights).png

4. Hit "print" again and now the even pages of your module should be printed.

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